Boeing Fellows Application Form

DEADLINE: Complete this application by Saturday, October 21, 2017

Part I

Personal Information
Graduation Information

Please list any academic or professional awards you have received, including scholarships, fellowships, prizes, awards, honorary societies, publications, inventions, or other creative work:

Part II

Work, Activities, Background and Volunteer Experience

Have you had previous experience or are you currently involved in teaching, mentoring, or interacting with K-12 students?  If so, describe these activities briefly and list the age group of the students. This can include educational, camp, volunteer, and/or sports activities (If none, list none):

Part III


Please prepare an essay document which answers the following three questions. Then below, click the 'Browse ..." button to upload your essay as a PDF document.

Question 1:  Please provide a brief (approximately 1 page) statement describing your interest in the program, your background, career goals, and how they relate to the Boeing Grand Challenges K-12 Outreach Fellows Program. 

Question 2: Explain the value of introducing young students in elementary, middle, and high school, to STEM disciplines. Mention, if applicable, any personal experience that influenced your decision to become an engineer.

Question 3:  Please provide a statement (1/2 page) of your intended career goals following graduation [for example, graduate school (state in what field and for what degrees), medical school, industry (state what kind of industry and likely position, such as engineering business, research, or consulting), or education (for instance, K-8, high school, or college teaching or other (such as Teach for America, Peace Corps)].

You must submit in PDF file format. Use the file name format of YourLastName_YourFirstname.pdf. Maximum file size: 10 MB