Tory Lang


Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Tory Lang is a junior majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering with a focus in microelectronic devices and circuits. Combining this area of study with a minor in Education, Tory enjoys integrating her two academic interests by seizing hands-on engineering opportunities in the classroom. With extensive background and experience as an electrical engineering teaching assistant, Tory currently teaches Duke undergraduate students for the introductory ECE laboratory course. Her start with teaching electrical engineering in the lab, however, began with a different and younger age group. Through the Duke Talent Identification Program, she was able to work alongside several classes of rising sophomores and juniors in high school. Working with this demographic continued her prior experience with teaching SAT prep to high school students during the previous summer. While most of her teaching was directed toward high school students, Tory's experience spans all K12 grades. Her time with middle school students has been in the form of individualized academic tutoring, while her time with elementary aged students has been primarily in the Sunday School environment at her church. Tory's first Engineering Grand Challenge of focus is to Advance Personalized Learning with a secondary interest in Engineering the Tools of Scientific Discovery.