Charlotte Lawrence


Major: Mechanical Engineering and Material Sciences

Certificate: Aerospace Engineering

Charlotte Lawrence is a third-year mechanical engineering student who aims to complete the aerospace engineering certificate. She one day hopes to work with rovers and satellites in the space industry to help further our knowledge of the universe. Charlotte’s interest in the Boeing Grand Challenges K-12 Outreach Scholars Program comes from her previous work with students around the world and her desire to provide a wider range of supplementary education. In high-school, Charlotte tutored K-12 students in Math and worked at the Ada Jenkins Center to provide after school music classes. Additionally, she has traveled to Nicaragua three times with Rainbow Network to work in a small village, where a personal goal was to be a positive role model to the young girls in the village. This past summer, Charlotte returned to Nicaragua to participate in Engineering World Health Summer Institute to combine her love of engineering with citizens of Nicaragua. As a result, Charlotte is particularly interested in these Grand Challenges:

  1. Advancing personalized learning
  2. Providing access to clean water
  3. Engineering the tools of scientific discovery