Kevin Nikolaus


Major: Mechanical Engineering

Minor: German

Kevin Nikolaus is a junior mechanical engineering student who is also pursuing a minor in German. Mr. Nikolaus hopes to combine his mechanical engineering skills and his love for the environment to develop ways for unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) environmental data collection. Kevin is a Pratt Engineering Undergraduate Fellow working with Dr. Michael Zavlanos on research that investigates the challenges of wireless network systems for mobile robots. He is also the Projects Coordinator of the Duke SmartHome and an active member of the Duke Robotics Club. He recently returned from eight months in Berlin where he was taking a number of his engineering classes in German, and focusing on aspects of sustainable city design. The Boeing Fellows program draws on Kevin’ existing Grand Challenge interests in urban planning, engineering the tools of scientific discovery, and managing the nitrogen cycle. He is particularly passionate about urban planning because, as an avid environmentalist, he realizes the interconnectedness between effective city design and environmental health. During his freshman year he worked as an America Reads America Counts tutor and taught math to elementary and middle school students. He also worked with the local resettled refugee families teaching English as a second language (ESL). These opportunities helped develop his teaching skills, and prompted his original interest in educational outreach. Kevin looks forward to continuing this educational outreach as a Boeing Fellow.