Kushal Seetharam


Majors: Electrical and Computer Engineering, Physics, and Mathematics

Kushal is a triple major in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Physics, and Mathematics. Kushal was selected as a NAE Grand Challenge Scholar for the class of 2014 at Duke University, and was also selected as one of 271 US Goldwater Scholars for 2014 based on academic merit. He is an Angier B. Duke Memorial Scholar with interests in applied physics and entrepreneurship. Kushal has been named an Intel STS semifinalist for his biochemistry research and has published research in computer architecture. He is currently working on metamaterial applications in wireless energy transfer and invisibility cloaking in the lab of Dr. David Smith. In addition, he is currently leading a collaborative group of students and research labs in developing a novel sanitation system to address open defecation in developing countries. The system converts human waste to biogas, organic fertilizer, medicinal algae, and fish while removing harmful pathogens. Kushal is heavily involved on campus; he is the president of the Duke chapter of IEEE, the Duke Society of Physics Students, and The Duke Entrepreneur; he teaches physics in local schools and serves as a Boeing Grand Challenge K12 Outreach Fellow.