Amit Vora


Major: Biomedical Engineering

Minors: Chemistry and Economics

My name is Amit Vora. I am in my third year at Duke University, and I am studying Biomedical Engineering. I chose to study Biomedical Engineering because I find it fascinating that fundamental electrical principles, generally considered with circuits and their elements, are applicable to cell function, and the ability of the body to relay signals and respond to various stimuli. I am currently most interested in electrophysiology, focusing on the brain and central nervous system. I am interested in how an advanced understanding of the brain and central nervous system can be applied to the development of therapy for people affected by paralysis. This semester, I will begin working in Professor Marc Sommer’s lab as a Pratt Fellow; I will be learning about the effects of transcranial magnetic stimulation on single neurons.

As a member of the Boeing Grand Challenge K12 Outreach Fellows Program, I hope to introduce young students to elements of all fourteen grand challenges, which would provide a basic education in various fields of math, science, and engineering. In my elementary, middle, and high schools, I learned extensively about the theoretical principles behind mathematical fields like calculus and scientific fields like chemistry and physics. However, I rarely saw how these ideas were synthesized into tangible uses that employ engineering principles. I am excited to be a facilitator of this kind of learning process, which allows young students to gain firsthand experience with theoretical ideas of math, science, and engineering.